About Us

The birth of PATH……

 A small group of Palatine residents heard about a child who had only temporary housing and was in need of food and clothing.  The group collected some basic need items on their own to ease the pain of this child.  A short time later, that same group was made aware of a single mother who had nowhere to turn to provide her children with food, clothing and shelter.  At this point the group of residents reached out to friends to collect items that would ease the burden on this family.  After a few more “in need” situations came to their attention, the group of concerned residents sat down and traded ideas.  What if a network of people in the Palatine area was created to do bigger and better things?  How could they organize to collect donations to purchase items that most people took for granted?

Through the effort and generosity of several individuals in and around the community, Palatine Assisting Through Hope, or PATH was officially born in the spring of 2007.  It is headed by area residents Rich Tyack, Andy Konopka and Debbie Rohrwasser.  The goal of this 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization is to continue to expand its reach throughout the Greater Palatine area.  PATH continues its mission with the support of people who are intent on changing the lives of those less fortunate.

Meet The Board….