Meet the Board



President, Richard Tyack:  Rich is summed up in the following quote from a September 2007 Daily Herald article; “He spends a lot of time thinking about people in need, and he cares so much for them.  When I think of a Good Samaritan, I think of Rich Tyack.”  Rich has lived in Palatine Township for the last 20 years.  He and his wife Ramona have 4 children who attend the Palatine Public Schools.  Over the past decade, Rich has coached Palatine Youth Baseball, Basketball at the Palatine Park District and YMCA as well as volunteered at his church and his children’s school.

In 2006, Rich was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Palatine Park District for his service and support of the Palatine Opportunity Center.  Rich is sincere in his desire to ease the suffering of those in need, while encouraging them to hope for a better future.

Treasurer, Andy Konopka:   Andy and his wife Bernadette have three children, all of which are attending Palatine schools.  He has lived in the Palatine area for 15 years.  Andy has a special place in his heart for those in need, as he learned as a youth what it was like to be “in need.”  His intent and goal is to ensure Palatine area children do not do without basic needs such as coats in the winter, a good pair of shoes and a bed to sleep on.

Andy’s record of giving back to the community is solid; he volunteered 6 years as the PADS site manager for the area homeless and worked with numerous churches in organizing clothing drives.  When he and Rich began talking about helping people in the Palatine community, he utilized his contacts to source additional clothing and donated items to PATH.  Andy also volunteered as a baseball coach with the Palatine Park District.  Through his involvement with PATH, Andy wants to do all that he can to make a real difference in the lives of others.

Secretary, Debbie Rohrwasser:    Being the oldest of four children, Debbie has always been the “Big Sister.”  Debbie’s 28 years in corporate management also allowed her the opportunity to encourage those she managed to grow and advance in their careers.  She was involved with America’s Promise an Alliance for Youth, Boys and Girls Club of America and coached youth softball in Palatine.  Her life experiences and passion for helping children in her community has motivated her to involve herself with volunteer work that makes a difference.  Debbie received the Volunteer of the Year award in 2007 from the Palatine Park District for her years of service with the Palatine Opportunity Center and is a committee member of the Palatine Opportunity Center’s “I Compete Program.”

Debbie has lived in Palatine for 15 years with her husband Michael and their two children; one who recently graduated high school and is off to college and the other who currently attends the Palatine Public Schools.  At times in her life, she considered becoming a foster parent or managing a day care, but between parenting and a full-time career, the timing was never right.  PATH allows Debbie a different avenue to channel her desire to provide children with a safe, nurturing and loving environment to grow up in.